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For those seeking to love Jesus more, come join the journey of learning the Crucified Christ as the life of the believer!

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Newness of Spirit Podcast

We are all about Jesus, here.  And we want everyone to know that it is meant to be that way for every believer, all the time!  Christ is our life, and we are pursuing Him that He might live in us, all the time.

This podcast will be a hodgepodge of different sharings: some classes, some speaking engagements, and some episodes that are just for this podcast.  But no matter what the circumstances surrounding each episode, they will all lift up Jesus Christ so that He might be revealed in us. 

Come join us, and allow the Spirit to take you to the Cross.  You will find Christ there as the Eternal Spirit who desires to inhabit His people!


5 days ago

"Bride" is the Church's relationship with the Risen Son, a relationship that was conceived in the Father's heart long before creation.  For believers, it is a new identity, a new form, having  been formed in love and perfection and acceptance.  May we allow the Spirit to wash our understanding with the Word that we may come into this image! 
This is the first of a two-part audio recording of a booklet written years ago.  If you would like to download a free copy of the text, simply click on the link below:

Wednesday Nov 29, 2023

In the final episode of this series, we further explore how the eternal Father/Son relationship is manifested between two believers - a father and son in the faith.  We also see a contrast between this beautiful communion and the seed of Self that seeks to impart itself and spread to believers who have not embraced the gospel of the Cross. 
If you would like to download a free copy of the text, simply click on the link below:

Wednesday Nov 22, 2023

In the second episode of this three part series, we will look at such topics as the Cross and the tongue, youthful lusts, and the last days -- All of which can be understood by the Crucified Son. 
If you would like to download a free copy of the text, click on the link below:

Wednesday Nov 15, 2023

In the Father/Son relationship we see one of the highest expressions of love within the Godhead.  In Paul's epistle to his son in the faith, we behold an image of this relationship manifested in flesh and blood. 
This is the first of a three-part audio recording of a booklet written years ago.  If you would like to download a free copy of the text, click on the link below:

Wednesday Nov 08, 2023

The Cross is the place of our redemption; but even more than that, it is where we enter into knowing God by the life of His Son revealed within us! 
This episode is a recording of a booklet written many years ago, where we discover just how full of this reality the Scriptures are. 
This booklet is free for reading and downloading at:

Wednesday Nov 01, 2023

There is knowing about God, and then there is knowing God.  Knowing Him requires stepping past what He has done for us and allowing the Spirit of God to pull back the veil over the core elements of His being.  When we begin to perceive Him in lowliness, we also begin to know Him for Himself alone!

Considering Him That Endured

Wednesday Oct 25, 2023

Wednesday Oct 25, 2023

When Jesus walked the earth, He encountered a lot of resistance.  Now that He lives in us by His Spirit, He still encounters resistance!  As we keep Christ before the eyes of our heart, He will live in us the way He lived back then -- with a graciousness and a consistency that is nothing short of Divine. 

Wednesday Oct 18, 2023

To contrast the nature of Christ with the motives of flesh and self, we look at King Ahab and the prophet Micaiah and what spirit each of them is of.  One illustrates the man of sin who comes by the workings of Satan.  The other not only brings the living Word of God but takes on the very image of the Crucified Son.  We seek for our default to be changed to the Spirit of Christ.  May the Spirit of God bring Him forth in us to the destruction of all that exalts itself!

Thursday Oct 12, 2023

The work of the Cross brought us to the unsearchable riches in Christ, but there still can be vestiges of the Fall ruling in us, His people.  In this two-part series, we will contrast the nature of Christ that has been given us and the attitudes that we fall back into when Christ is not yet revealed.  As we cultivate a heart that loves the Lord more than we love ourselves, Jesus will be able to take ground in us!

Transformed Into an Offering

Wednesday Oct 04, 2023

Wednesday Oct 04, 2023

Have you ever lived with the sting of an unfair situation long after it had passed?  The flesh needs things to be fixed, resolved, and fair.  But Jesus is of another Spirit!  He gives Himself away, and in so doing, stays clean and full of love.  Let's look at Him until we are changed into that same image!


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